Helps Ministries

The ministry of helps is based on Acts 6:1-6. In these verses we learn that, as the number of followers of Christ increased, the people began to complain because the widows were being neglected. The twelve disciples responded by saying that it would not be good for them to leave their study of the Word of God to serve tables. They instructed the people to appoint men from among them who are honest and of good report to take care of this business so they could focus their attention on studying the Word and prayer.

From this, the ministry of helps was formed. The main purpose of the ministry of helps is to ensure that the church meets the needs of the masses since the pastor is unable to be everywhere at all times.

As the overseer of the flock, it is important that the Pastor has sufficient time to study the Word and to stay in prayer.  Thus, the ministry of helps is merely an extension of the Pastor that has been delegated to someone else to lead so that no need of the church is neglected.