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During the 06-07 school year, New Living Word Ministries entered into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with Lincoln Parish School System in order to create an alternative learning site for suspended and expelled students and also deter the yearly increasing rates of suspensions and expulsions.


At the conclusion of last year, NLWM and Lincoln Parish were successful in lowering the suspension and expulsion rates, however, the students that were expelled were not given the opportunity through the school system to participate in grade recovery which causes these students to be held back in their current grade. Many end up turning 18 years old while still in school and simply dropping out.

Pastor Baldwin, and his passion and dedication in assisting youth to be successful academically, created a remedy for this problem by teaming up with the A-Beka Christian Academy Homeschooling Program and creating a 12 month program for students that are behind to catch up into their correct grade.

The school ministry not only allows students to advance to their correct grade within a 12 month period, but it also reinstates a feeling of success and accomplishment and increases the students' self-esteem. Through this school ministry, we plan to reach the youth of this community and decrease the Lincoln Parish drop our rate. This ministry is a prevention and redirection for students onto a path of academic and lifelong success.



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